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...Singer and Song Writer

Manjit Boparai, M.A. Geography, B.ED.
Taxi owner-driver, part time property developer.
Writer and Punjabi song writer
I - As a writer, I wrote a book called 'Mind Pollution of Fortune-telling' and that was back in India with Hindi and Punjabi version and it has been the best- sellers back then. and had several interviews on TV Shows to talk about my book here in Australia and back in India.
II - Punjabi song writer, presented a CD called NAAGNI based on my songs, and was sold from Auckland to Vancouver among Indian community and shops. I have written fifty Indian songs and my new book called "Handful Ashes" is on the way to publish this year.
III - Last year I start writing English Song, since years of living on this land 'Australia' I have a great passion for my adopted country, and I am occasional blood donor, regularly donate my Taxi for Anzac day parade to pick up the Diggers. But I felt there are not many patriotic songs, so I come up with first melody patriotic song called "Song Australia", telling the story of the young nation which started from the arrivals of Captain Cook. Every word is telling a story in its own, the song was written on 7.6.2003, and I designed the souvenir, melody, music and then recorded the song. It is not only making every Aussie proud, some how it is also involved Indians, Chinese, Greeks, Italians, Spanish, Philippines, the whole Middle East, Japanese, and the Scottish.
IV - I play the song daily in my Taxi to every customer, they love it feel proud of me thank me for what I have done to write my song 'Song Australia'. For the name of our nation lots of them ask for autographs and even took photos of me. I sold more than 600 copy of my souvenir of the song. If someone doing the right thing, as we know, the Aussie encouragement is world acclaimed, I have already wrote few Aussie songs and I will continue to do so.
V - When I will sing it alive or video clip, there will be different cultural dancers around me, every one holding and raising the Aussie flag up whenever I say Aussie Aussie Aussie. Since I have done Song Australia I have given many interview to 4BC, ABC, 97.3 FM, and Channel 7, and now my Album is ready with 14 songs. I have sung song Australia live at The Power House, Newfarm and I am releasing my new Punjabi Book (Handful of Ash) with 46 Punjabi songs and 18 English songs.


Manjit Boparai

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